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Technology: Improving Your Dental Visit

At Black Hills Area Dental, we pride ourselves on equipping our office with the latest and greatest technology. We research and seek out innovative procedures and instruments and include them as part of our treatment approach. Our leading edge approach allows us to pass the benefits on to you, the patient and ultimately make your experience in the office better. We continually seek out ways we can serve you better.

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the technology we are proud to provide for our patients:


Our CEREC machine reduces the time it takes for your crown from weeks to mere hours. Gone are the days of multiple visits and temporary crowns. We are one of the only dentists in the area that can provide convenient, same day crowns. Our CEREC machine is a big part of this.


Modern dentistry has come along way in the past few years. The same can be said for X-Ray technology. Our i-CAT FLX V17is one of the most versatile and flexible machines available. By taking digital images, we save you time waiting for images as well as time spent getting X-Rays. This allows Dr. Samuelson to quickly see a comprehensive 3D view of your mouth.


Sonendo is a new approach to cleaning and root canal treatment. This minimally invasive instrument allows Dr. Samuelson to perform the necessary treatment in just one session. Procedures that used to require multiple tools and multiple visits have no been combined to deliver a more comfortable and effective treatment. The Sonendo delivers cleaning and disinfection on levels rarely achieved in the past, greatly reducing the risk of infection and potential follow up visits. And to top it off, its amazingly quiet!

Laser Treatment

The Five Benefits Of Using Lasers To Treat Periodontal Diseases

You may not be aware of the advances in dental technology over the last twenty years, but they have been considerable. The result of these advances is that patients now experience treatment that is often performed more quickly, and with less pain than in the past.

Reason 1:
Bleeding Is Reduced

It’s not uncommon that patients who suffer from gingivitis can experience bleeding gums and bone loss. Because of that, it’s important to remove bacteria from the teeth and pockets where the bacteria live. Laser treatment offers a one-two punch here; the bacteria are not only remove, but killed during the treatment process. This may help to eliminate the need for further gum disease treatment, including gum surgery.

Reason 2:
Patient Optimization

Depending on the level of disease, be it mild or severe, the laser can be adjusted can customized for each patient in regards to the wavelengths and power levels. This provides the dentist a very fine degree of control over the the procedure and lets the doctor customize the treatment plan for each individual patient.

Reason 3:
Healing Time Is Often Shortened

Because laster treatment doesn’t cause a lot of trauma to the gum, teeth and surrounding areas, healing time is drastically reduced compared to traditional surgery. Patients report back that they will often recover quicker compared to older, traditonal treatments.

Reason 4:
Minimal Invasion

Because lasers are less invasive, and eliminate the need for drill, this reduces the pressure that patients feel. Because of this, there’s often no need for anesthesia. Because there is less pain, less discomfort, patients report that many times they feel less anxious and can actually relax during the treatment.

Reason 5:

Due to the nature of the technology, lasers are very precise. Because of this, it’s possible to keep the healthy parts of the teeth and gum intact while removing cavities. If you’re a patient that suffers from severe bacterial infections, preserving any healthy teeth will help ensure your overall oral health for the long term.

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Progressive Orthodontics:

Orthodontic technology improvements and how they help you to have a more comfortable experience with you next visit to the dentist.

There have been considerable advances in the science and technology of orthodontics over the last 25 years. In years past, having teeth pulled was something that happened too frequently, and all patients were lumped into a “one size fits all” category.

When you need orthodontic treatment, Dr. Bart Samuelson will be using the latest technology to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. The improvements in tools and techniques enable Black Hills Area Dental to provide great results with much less discomfort than in the past. The advent of modern dental technology also helps to shorten the treatment time as well.

One of the areas that advances have been made is in the ability to more clearly see inside of a patient’s mouth. Advances in orthodontics are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients. Gone are the days of fuzzy x-ray images; new technologies allow for three-dimensional images of the entire skull, jaw, and underlying bone structure. These images provide a much clearer picture of the complete mouth and bone structure. The ability to manipulate and view these images from any angle is an incredibly powerful tool allowing the dentist to better plan, evaluate and put together a course of treatment for you.