Technology: Improving Your Dental Visit

At Black Hills Area Dental, we believe that it’s in our job description to stay up-to-date on how we can best serve our patients. We pride ourselves on equipping our office with technology that provides tangible benefits that our patients can enjoy, such as convenient single-day crowns built with our CEREC machine.

Our office is also completely digital, allowing an easy, seamless and safe patient experience with no film X-rays!


Here’s a snapshot of some of the technology we are proud to provide for our patients:



Our CEREC machine reduces the time it takes to complete your crown from weeks to hours. Gone are the days of multiple visits and temporary crowns. We are one of the only dentists in the area that can provide convenient, same day crowns.


The i-CAT is a medical-grade CT scan which allows Dr. Samuelson to be able to see a quick and comprehensive 3D view of your head and neck. This allows us to see a thorough visual representation of where treatment may be needed. Our i-CAT FLX V17 is one of the most versatile and flexible machines available in the dental industry and provides better results than alternative options.

Digital X-rays

Much like digital cameras, digital x-rays allow the transfer of the image to a computer instead of onto film. This allows Dr. Samuelson and his team to see a much clearer image of your mouth and allow for more accurate diagnosis for treatment planning. Digital X-rays provide a much clearer picture than their predecessor as well as significantly lower radiation.