Rapid City Tooth Jewels

At Black Hills Area Dental, we understand your need for individuality. We can apply tooth jewels to your teeth to make your smile more eye-catching and help you display your personality. Our team can create custom designs or make recommendations based on your tastes.

Understanding Tooth Jewels

Tooth jewels or tooth gems are semi-permanent jewels that adhere to your teeth. They make your smile unique while still allowing normal brushing and eating habits. Options for tooth jewels include gemstones and other shapes.

At Black Hills Area Dental, we offer everything from extravagant tooth gems and crystals to simple tooth studs. We can help you choose from our inventory of high-quality tooth jewels to create a smile that makes you proud. 

Tooth Gem Application

Applying tooth jewels is a fast and pain-free process. After determining if tooth gems are suitable for you and selecting the options you want, Dr. Samuelson or one of our hygienists will:

  • Clean and dry your teeth
  • Roughen the surface with etching gel
  • Adhere the jewels to the tooth surface
  • Use a curing lamp to ensure jewels attach successfully

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