Dental Technology

Black Hills Area Dental Lasers

You might think lasers sound more at home in a sci-fi movie than in a dental office, but the truth is that modern laser technology has reshaped the field of oral health care. With this type of dental technology, we can simplify dental treatment plans and provide alternatives to surgery.  

When you visit Black Hills Area Dental, we may use dental lasers for: 

  • Laser gum reshaping to improve your gum line and boost your confidence in your smile. 
  • Treating periodontal pockets without the need for surgery, which can have long-lasting beneficial results.
  • Treatment of cold sores and tongue ties.

CT Cone Beam

We use the CT Cone Beam to take complete, 3D images in a fraction of the time. With this leading dental technology, we can analyze your tooth and gum structure comprehensively without having to wait for the results of traditional dental scans and is a replacement for the traditional panoramic X-ray which could only see in 2D.

The CT Cone Beam detects early signs of oral health challenges, including: 

  • Dental infections
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • And more

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At Black Hills Area Dental, we use the latest in dental technology to deliver faster, safer, more efficient oral health care. We commit ourselves to your comfort while staying up-to-date with technological advances in the field of dentistry so we can bring you the best in preventative care and oral wellness.