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Brittany Nemec

“I am even more impressed with this practice than I was before. my son was having tooth pain and they were able to get him in right away to be seen. It turns out he needed some pretty major work and our new dental insurance was very difficult to figure out the coverage dr Samuelson ended up doing the work during the same visit and said it doesn’t matter about the insurance he would figure it out he didn’t want my kiddo to go home in pain… he did an amazing job with my 4 year old and all of the staff… the front desk was on the phone the entire time getting our insurance figured out so it would be covered….. I am a patient their as well and I chose to take my son to them because I knew I could trust them with his care… I wouldn’t go anywhere else!! .”

Sharon H.

Thanks for another great dental visit! The care provided by my Dental Hygienist, Betsy, and Dr. Samuelson was the very best!

Jenn Patterson

I actually LOVE going to the dentist!! Great staff and docs!!

Eleanor H.

The entire staff, from the dentist, to her assistant, and office staff are very helpful and friendly. Also, they took into consideration the time spent in my appointment, and not having to come in for additional appointments

Clay S.

Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Jared Schofield

Only been to the dentist one time in the last twenty years until I came here. The whole staff from the doctor’s on down are as polite, courteous, and friendly as you will ever find. I would definitely recommend Black Hills Area Dental to anyone needing dental work or advice

Kristina Marie

Wonderful! Very informative and my kids felt relaxed and welcomed.

Rene C.

Very nice office personnel and hygeniests. Very happy with my apt. .

Reatha P.

I,m very pleased with the dental care I have received! .

Rick H.

Great staff. Always make you feel comfortable. .

Lisa G.

I love the staff and docs. I have always had great treatment and service and they take good care of me knowing my fear of the drill. I would highly recommend BHAD. 🙂

Katie L.

Great care. Wonderful bedside side manner by both dr. Samuelson and hygienist

Bea A.

Everyone is excellent that works here,very caring and professional. .

Becky Brown Ebel

Amazing experience!! staff is fantastic. Dr Samuelson is talented and dedicated to his patients. would recommend to anyone. won’t have a bad experience here!!

Becky E.

Recently decided to make the jump to dentures and the experience has gone above and beyond all hopes. the entire staff is amazing – always willing to help, educate and support you any way they can. Dr Samuelson’s dedication and talent far exceeded any dentist i’ve had before. Sean (who made the dentures) made himself available to be at all my appointments. would recommend this clinic to anyone – especially if you have had a previous bad experience – that won’t happen here!!!!

Katie Larson

Dr. Samuelson and Dr. Scranton are both wonderful! All the staff are wonderful too. I used to have anxiety about going to the dentist but not anymore.

Tressy S.

Friendly and professional staff. Great service and provider!! Highly recommend!!

Brandon A.

Everyone is so friendly and wonderful!!! My son was terrified to go to the dentist and needed a lot of dental work and now he loves to go the dentist. He actually falls asleep in the chair! Black Hills Area Dental is the BEST!! Thank you for helping my son!

Thanks for changing my mindset about dentists. I realized that because my parents thought it was a waste of money and did not put a priority on going to the dentist, I had adopted the same mindset. As problems came up, I just learned to live with them. When I came to you the first time your staff was very gracious in explaining from a medical perspective how going to the dentist was just as important as going to the doctor because what goes in my mouth affects my overall health. I didn’t realize that the bacteria and plaque under my gums was going right into my bloodstream. A week before that my doctor suggested the same thing. It wasn’t that I didn’t brush my teeth or try to take care of them, I just didn’t think going to the dentist was important, as long as I wasn’t in excruciating pain. It makes sense now and I am excited to get all of my teeth and gums back into a category of “good health”.

Not only are you concerned about the “health” of my mouth but you really care that we are concerned about how we look when we smile. I want to keep smiling in life and when I do, I want my smile to look pleasant and healthy. After all, a smile tells a lot about someone. How many people are out there not smiling, not because they are hurt, mean or rude, but because they are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth? Through all the things you sponsor and do, you are making a difference in humanity to keep us smiling! And when we smile, we feel better.

Your staff is absolutely incredible. They are kind, understanding, concerned and have a mindset of excellence. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I left, EVERYONE has that same kind, understanding, patient and enthusiastic attitude. It is rare to find this kind of service in our society and when we do, we should say something about it. So, again, thank you

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