One Visit Dentistry

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No time? No problem. CEREC Technology Offers Single-Visit Dentistry.

Cerec refers to porcelain restorations (caps & fillings) that are designed on a computer and fabricated in one dental visit. Without the Cerec technology this procedure will involve various impressions and temporary filling materials and takes two to three visits to the dental office.

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Cerec can be used to:

  1. Replace your aged fillings
  2. Replace broken or cracked tooth structure
  3. Create crowns (caps)
  4. Enhance your smile (veneers)

Self-confidence and inner composure. These are things that we would all like to have. But many people suffer with a blemished appearance, often due to their teeth. Cerec restorations will brighten up your life and your self-confidence will be restored. We are able to use ceramic materials that match your natural tooth in color and appearance, so that your repaired teeth appear as originals.

Cerec restorations are almost as strong as dental enamel; the hardest of all materials in the human body. This strength comes from the ceramic material as well as the bonding of the restoration to the tooth. Furthermore, Cerec conserves as much of the original tooth as possible. This means we can frequently avoid the need for a full coverage crown (cap).