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How Much Danger Are You Really In?
You may not be aware of it but you probably know someone who is wearing a mouthguard that is An Accident Waiting to Happen.

How would you feel and what would be the pain if you lost 2 front teeth the next time you played your sport? How would it feel, as a parent, if that happened to one of your children? And, if you are a coach or a trainer, what would you have to admit to yourself and how responsible would you feel if that happened to a member of your team with their life in front of them?

82% of mouthguards, possibly more, are an accident waiting to happen.

You are looking for the best protection and value for money. But you are probably not a specialist and you may not have access to the latest information.

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Some basic facts:

-There is a 95% chance of permanent disfigurement to your most visible upper front teeth when you have an injury to your teeth
-31% of sporting injuries result in damage to the teeth, face and head
-More than 5,000,000 teeth are lost each year in sporting activity in the USA
-Do you have a spare $30,000.00? Dental experts estimate that is the cost of treatment over your life when you lose a tooth. Losing a tooth may mean you’ll need a crown or in some cases an implant.
-Some mouthguards can be dislodged with a pressure of only 3 grams
-Even in light contact sports, teeth are lost when mistakes occur such as colliding with an elbow
-Many teeth are lost at training because most players spend more time training than competing

Are you really getting the protection and comfort you need?
Are you reducing the risk of injury?
Do you feel safe, confident, resourceful and a winner when you wear your mouthguard?
Does your child have the protection he needs?
Have you given your teams and young sportspeople access to the information they may require?

If not, Mouthguards & Sport Safety has the solution.  Call our office today to discuss with Dr. Samuelson your available options for protecting your teeth during physical activity.

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