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Cosmetic Braces for Adults and Children

Fastbraces® Dental Braces

We have incorporated only the best, most effective progressive orthodontics treatments at Black Hills Area Dental.Our commitment to deliver AMAZING results and to ensure the best experience that is comfortable for our patients

Black Hills Area Dental loves happy smiles! We’re excited to offer Fastbraces® for our patients. If you’ve been searching for orthodontics braces in Rapid City SD, we would love hear from you. Fastbraces® are an affordable option for orthodontic braces. Black Hills Area Dental is proud to offer Fastbraces® to adults and children in Rapid City.

So what exactly are fastbraces®?
They are an affordable option for orthodontic braces. With the unique design features, Fastbraces® offers, you can see results inas little as three months to about a year. Fastbraces® provides a great deal of flexibility for our patients, in that it allows tooth roots and crowns to move at the same time. This saves you time in the chair and provides much quicker results.

Orthodontic options in Rapid City now include Fastbraces®. Because the dentists at Black Hills Area Dental are proud providers of Fastbraces®, we are more than happy to maintain your Fastbraces® for as long as you need them. Need an adjustment? Something doesn’t feel right?
Call us, we are here to help.

We invite you to come join in on the excitement! We’re so excited about Fastbraces® we are offering a free consultation to adults and children interested in orthodontic braces. Call the dentists at Black Hills Area Dental for a personal introduction to Fastbraces®. Fastbraces® could be exactly what you’ve have been looking for!

Do You Want Straighter Teeth?

Dr. Samuelson uses the most advanced orthodontic tools, to provide you with the highest levels of orthodontic treatment. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach used in typical straight wire appliances, your dentist customized your braces and wires. Since the braces have been specifically made for you, faster and more effective treatment can be expected.

Dr. Bart Samuelson DDS has been trained at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, in the most comprehensive and best networked orthodontic continuing education program in the industry. Dr. Samuelson has learned to use computerized orthodontics to provide you the most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment. By using the most advanced computerized orthodontics for treatment, your doctor makes sure that every detail of your case is analyzed before starting, to give you the best smile and care.

Call us to schedule your FREE consultation today, and be on your way to straighter teeth in less time than conventional braces.

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