Oral Cancer Screenings in Rapid City SD

Oral Cancer Screenings in Rapid City SD

Early cancer screening not only provides timely detection of orthodontic problems; it presents more opportunities to provide more effective orthodontic treatment. Timely intervention can gently guide growth and development and prevent more serious problems from occurring.

For example, careful removal of selected primary (baby) teeth can temporarily borrow space for successful eruption of adult teeth. When interceptive treatment is not needed, we can carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment at the best time. Either way, a timely screening will give you peace of mind and that gives us all something to smile about.

Get No Interest Financing for dental procedures if paid within 12 Months

you can expect to become excited about having the smile you have always dreamed of!


In 2008, on a routine visit to see Dr. Samuelson, he discovered a spot on my lip. He discovered this during his routine oral cancer screening exam. On further examination the spot was determined to be malignant. I had the spot removed by my Dermatologist. The Dermatologist stated, if not detected, this would have entered my lymph system. Need I say more?

Sincerely, Donald Farnsworth
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